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Compensation Claims Scotland – why you need a good lawyer..

Our lawyers are fully qualified and accredited and work on a No Win No Fee basis which means all your legal costs are covered win or lose. We also allow you to keep 100% of the compensation every single penny. In order to ensure we can claim the maximum compensation it is vital you contact us as soon as possible as any delay could reduce your chances of gaining the full amount.

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male_lawyer2Trails of evidence can run dry or disappear when enough time has passed, which is why it’s to your advantage to immediately seek the services of a personal injury lawyer.
Even if you were offered a settlement right away by the other party’s insurance company, you should still seek professional advice. It’s more than possible the settlement you’re being offered is not enough to cover the damages you have suffered from.
Ultimately, a personal injury lawyer can and will —


  • Defend your rights as a victim or claimant
  • Determine the actual extent of your injury
  • Ensure that your compensation is fair and sufficient
  • Obtain a judgment as quickly as possible

You should also consider what you could suffer from if you do not hire a personal injury solicitor to properly look after your interests. If you choose to accept the other party’s offer of compensation without professional advice, you could suffer from serious consequences. What would you do if did not realize beforehand that your injury would later cause you to lose your inability to work, enjoy your life, or require continuous treatment? Once you accept an offer and sign a statement waiving future rights to demand for additional compensation, you’ll lose any legal leg to stand on for filing a lawsuit afterwards.

It is important to seek legal advice and support immediately. You are not alone in what you’re going through, and as the report below from The Scales of Injustice reveals, you stand to suffer more by simply doing nothing.

  • 2.5M individuals in the United Kingdom suffered from injuries caused by accidents that could and should’ve been avoided. Only 1/3 of that figure, however, successfully claimed for compensation and received support they were entitled to.
  • More than 50% of individuals who filed for personal injury claims did so to prevent potentially harmful situations from taking place.
  • Only a tiny minority of the population – six percent to be specific – is fully cognizant of their rights to file a personal injury claim.  Learn more about your rights

When you make a claim for what you’ve suffered, you’re not only going to be compensated for your injuries. You can also use it to make a stand or an example and ensure that nothing similar happens in the future.

No Win No Fee Scotland – Understanding the Basics

In 2000, the Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA was implemented, which allows individuals to file for a personal injury claim even if they do not currently have the means to pay for the costs of taking legal action.

  • If you lose the case, your lawyer will not be paid a service fee, but you’ll still incur other types of costs as well as be liable for the other party’s legal expenses. All of it, however, may be covered by an after event insurance policy.
  • If you win the case, the fee of your lawyer will be deducted from your settlement. The fee is usually based on an agreed percentage of whatever amount you win as compensation from your claim.

If an insurance company refuses to offer you an after event insurance policy, consider that a hint of the kind of legal battle you’ll have to face.

Contact us as soon as possible as any delay could harm your chances of maximum compensation. All our lawyers are fully qualified and work on a NO Win No FEE basis which means all your fees are covered. You keep 100% of the compensation  Call now on 8000 011 9547.