How No Win No Fee Scotland Works

In Scotland “No Win No Fee” means “No Win No Cost” to the claimant whether they win or lose the case. When our Lawyers pursue your claim all your legal fees, medical or other expert reports will be covered even if you do not win the case. In the more likely event of winning the case our lawyers will recover these costs from the insurance company. Should the case go to court then it may be appropriate to take out an insurance policy to cover costs in the event the case was lost. Either way we would still be working with you on a No win No Fee Basis. Legal Aid in Scotland is of little benefit to Personal Injury Claimants and there are proposals that legal aid from accidents should be removed altogether.

Facts of No Win No Fee

  • This is a term used in personal injury cases between the client and the solicitor.
  • No Win No Fee is actually a conditional agreement that in the event that the client loses the case then he or she will not need to pay the solicitor for any charge.
  • If you acquire compensation your lawyer will be paid from the rival through his insurance company. You will also receive 100% of any compensation, subject to exceptions if the case needs to go to court and an insurance policy taken out.
  • This is also applicable in private medical exam costs or court fees and should also be paid by the opposing party.
  • If you lose the case you might be liable to pay for the opposing parties expenses and cost like solicitor’s charges and court’s fee. However to prevent this your solicitor will arrange  “after event insurance”. This will give you peace of mind and cover those expenses in the unlikely event you will lose. So you will never pay out anything in legal expenses

The No Win No Fee agreement ensures that if a lawyer takes on your case it is pretty unlikely that you will lose since they won’t get paid otherwise. Therefore they will only take on your case if they are confident of winning. Make sure you only work with lawyers who work on a No win No Fee basis. Call us now to arrange a Free consultation on 0800 011 9547