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Our specialist Personal Injury Lawyers work on a No win No Fee basis and unlike the majority of other firms allow you to keep 100% of the compensation. Are all highly qualified to work with  Scottish law to ensure that you get the maximum compensation you are entitled to. However it it is vital get advice as soon as possible as any delay could put your claim in jeopardy.

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If you or a family member have been exposed to Asbestos fibres or Asbestos in the workplace, you can claim compensation for diseases related to it such as Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, Asbestos-induced lung cancer and pleural plaques.

You may be entitled to compensation for acquiring an Asbestos related disease even if you were NOT in a workplace or at work but were still exposed to Asbestos dust or fibres; for instance, you were exposed to Asbestos fibres from the work clothes of a member of the family, or if you lived close to a factory or industrial plant where Asbestos was used regularly.

If the employer is no longer in business, you can still file an Asbestos compensation claim via the insurance company that carried your insurance policy during the time of your exposure to Asbestos. In many cases, the former company goes back to business, or compensation is claimed through the Governments Pneumoconiosis Act of 1979 (Worker’s Compensation).

You are qualified to claim compensation even  if the injuries sustained from Asbestos are relatively minor, if you have an asbestos condition you can settle the claim on the basis that more compensation will be available if a more serious condition related to the asbestos exposure develops years later

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From the 1930s to the 1970s, the use of Asbestos were widespread in industries such as aircraft, shipbuilding and construction, hence, millions of people were exposed to Asbestos. Many employers were not aware about the risks related to asbestos exposure, even though government guidance alerted them to this; precautionary measures were not taken to properly protect employees and often local residents, but especially their employees and the families of the employees from being exposed to Asbestos fibres and dust.

Asbestos Claims Scotland – How to get your Claim Started

There is a procedure that must be followed when making a compensation claim for diseases related to Asbestos. In Scotland, the process must be started within 3 years from the first day the person became aware of the condition’s diagnosis. In more severe cases that led to death, the claim must be started with 3 years of the date of death of the victim; or within 3 years after the day the family of the deceased became aware that the death was related to Asbestos, but only if the exposure to Asbestos was found out to be a relevant factor of the fatality. It is highly important that the family seeks legal advice about making a claim immediately and without delay.

Upon making a decision to consult with a personal injury solicitor and instruct him/her to act on your behalf, he/she will have to investigate and find out if the employer is responsible for the exposure to Asbestos, as well as if the insurers are traceable. If there is a possibility to pursue a claim, the solicitor will also need to investigate the medical issues and gather evidence as assessment and proof of the possible value of the claim.

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Our Scottish Asbestos Compensation Claims experts have accumulated an extensive database on previous asbestos claims, including information on employer’s liability and insurers for companies that are no longer operating. The archive also contains expansive information gathered from thousands of winning industrial-related diseases claims within the last 3 decades. With this kind of access to a treasure trove of information, our Asbestos Claims Solicitors in Scotland are more equipped to investigate, handle and pursue cases for clients who are afflicted by asbestos related illnesses.

It is highly important that you find Personal Injury Lawyers who specialize on asbestos related illness claims, and choose one that has a proven track record and a spotless background. Our specialized Asbestos Claims Lawyers in Scotland have extensive experience in this complex and important area of personal injury law. We work on a No Win No Fee Basis which means all your costs are covered. Unlike most firms our Lawyers give you 100% of the compensation every single penny. We keep things simple in plain English and inform you every step of the way.

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